On the move ?

Starting a new life in a new city, relax NPRC will take care of everything


Introductory visit

discovery of the town and the new environment

Accommodation search assistance

(renting or buying)

Settling-in assistance

until the handing over of the house keys

Family integration assistance

Administrative and immigration procedures assistance

Welcome pack

Useful information and addresses, maps, best tips

NPRC’s mission include

Helping newcomers to adjust to their new environment | Helping you with each phase of your move | Offering tailored solutions according to your needs

Settling-in assistance

NPRC is there to help you settle into your new home and avoids all the stress of arrival.

Departure assistance

NPRC arranges your departure for you. Let's define your needs together.

Mobili Pass

Salaried workers in mobility can, in France, under some conditions but regardless of their nationality, benefit from a national scheme “ MOBILI-PASS®”. It basically helps financing costs attached to the search of a rented accommodation.
NPRC takes care of all administrative requirements.

Hr and employee testimonials

« Nous confions les accompagnements de nos salariés en mobilité et de nos nouveaux embauchés à Nadia.
Nadia est fiable, passionnée par son métier, humaine et extrêmement soucieuse du bien être des personnes qu’elle accompagne.
Je vous recommande très chaleureusement les services de relocation de Nadia ! »


“I am very grateful for your assistance in helping us to find the best location in the town and to guide us through the various legal procedures necessary when purchasing property overseas. »

John D. Commercial consulting (London, UK).

« Notre transfert s’est bien effectué entre l’Italie et la France. Nadia Pierson a effectué un excellent travail, par son professionnalisme et sa détermination nous avons pu rentrer dans un bien parfaitement adapté à nos exigences. Son accueil et sa disponibilité, nous a conquis, je tenais à te le signaler car avec un délai très court, ce projet n’était pas un livrable facile. »

Guilhem G. (Bologna, Italy)


NPRC Relocation
Head office : Le Comptoir des Entrepreneurs
IN'ESS - 30, avenue Pompidor

Tel. : +33(0)6 61 10 45 60

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