What is relocation?

Relocation companies offer advice and assistance to human resources directors as well as to the transferee and family in the management of national and international mobility.

For the family
Assistance and ongoing support in all aspects of the move: homefinding, schooling, settling into the local community, administrative and immigration formalities.

For the company
Advising human resources directors on the management of their expatriates, as well as employees returning after an expatriation. Coordinating the setting up of foreign companies in France.
Professional mobility, be it local or international, entails the handling of many different issues that only an expert can tackle. If INSEE (French national statistics agency) has coined for our trade the following definition:

«Counsel and assistance to companies or physical entities for the management of national and international geographic mobility. », one can add that the benefit is always individual, all tailored to measures taking into account all time, space, family parameters and specific requirements and demands so to detach the company from time consuming technical tasks and provide the customer with a smooth adaptation, reducing stress and time wasting.


Using the services of NPRC, a relocation expert agency, the employer will save time and money. Hotel and restaurant fees, transportation will be reduced to a minimum.
By offering a sole contact, the employer ensures that the motivation of their employee and their colleagues in line for mobility remains high. Gain of productivity, emulation, serenity, providing a dedicated individual, expert in the field allows the expatriate to focus on its business priorities.

a well organized profession

The SNPRM is the national professional council for companies dedicated to providing services in the field of
relocation and professional mobility in France and abroad. Set up in 1995, it now federates 80% of companies in the industry of relocation
To its members and affiliates, it provides services and training so to maintain the
highest possible standard in the field of professional mobility.

WHY using SNPRM expert’s services ?

What a SNPRM labeled expert will ensure you:

  • A high level of legal expertise and knowledge of the local particularities
  • The power of world network
  • Bespoke delivery under a service commitment actedby a chart
  • A total confidentiality on individuals and data handled.
  • Respect of deadlines and costs control
  • All members of the SNPRM must agree to the code of ethics available on request.

Means and resources

Entrusting a SNPRM member guarantees you that all issues raised can be treated in house or shared and solved among our teams. There is not a technical issue for which we could not provide a quick answer nor a specific need that we could not
handle. The onus of our activity is the personal accompaniment of the beneficiaries and each of our customer gets a bespoke delivery so to meet their expectations and the interests of the client.

International Dimension of the network

To meet the demands of a customer for a project in any part of the world, it is paramount to rely on partners sharing the same level of excellence of service.
Although we are a national union, some of our members are based abroad and we do maintain close contact with all actors in the French speaking world.
As a co-founder of the European project EURA aiming at getting to work together all actors of the continent, we have privileged relationship over the five continents so to meet the demand of our clients.

The European Relocation Association was started in 1997 to provide a professional body to represent the relocation industry across Europe. EuRA is also a founding partner and sponsor of the European Academy of Relocation Professionals.

NPRC is certified by EARP
The EARP Mission Statement : The EARP is the vehicle for providing training of such excellence, that it becomes a benchmark for the European relocation industry. Through a
combination of in-country and international training programmes, the EARP seeks to enhance the stature of the industry whilst supporting the importance of local knowledge.


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